A Safe Place to Grow Counseling is a PLCC

Play Therapy and Counseling
for children, teens, and adults

Counseling for: 

Adoption, anxiety, attachment, ADD/ADHD, ASD, bullying, behavioral difficulties, grief, self-esteem, social skills, separation anxiety, trauma, family cohesion, parenting consultation.

Adoption, anxiety, attachment, ADD/ADHD, ASD, grief, self-esteem, social skills, social anxiety, depression, behavioral difficulties, trauma, perfectionism, family cohesion, parenting consultation

Adoption, attachment, anxiety, depression, adult survivors of child abuse, grief, self-esteem, perfectionism, trauma informed parenting, parenting consultation, and family cohesion.

Creative solutions for Self regulation and social skills groups for boys and girls ages 8-10 years
Creative solutions for Self regulation and social skills groups for middle school boys and girls
Trauma informed parenting classes
Foster and Adoptive parent education and support groups

Groups and Classes

Sometimes the waters of life can seem stormy.
We begin to feel as though our lives are out of control
and we can barely keep our heads above water.
It is in these difficult times that the waters
of life seem as though they are uncharted territory
​ and we feel as though we cannot navigate these waters

Sometimes we need help.
​ First, I would like to acknowledge
the courage and love it takes to call out for help
for you, your child, and or your family. It takes great strength
to ask for help; most individuals do not.
Therefore, I want to take a moment
to congratulate you! Be proud of yourself
and the love it takes to ask for help.

I am here to provide a non-judgmental place
for you and your family to experience a safe place to grow! I firmly believe
that nurturing and acceptance are fundamental pieces
necessary not only in parenting but also in the therapeutic relationship.
I will go to great lengths to create a safe environment that facilitates growth
for children, teens, and adults.